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Identification Documents

To be issued a Colorado Driver’s License or Identification Card, you must provide required documents. The chart below shows the documents that you must use. All documents presented must be certified originals or certified amended originals or true copies certified by the issuing agency.

All applicants will need one document to prove their residential address. A parent’s proof of address indicated on license is acceptable for a minor child.

Residency Documents

According to the Federal Real ID Act, you must show a hardcopy or electronic copy of one of the following documents to prove your residential address: 

▪       Utility bill

▪       Credit card statement

▪       Pay stub or earnings statement

▪       Rent receipt

▪       Telephone bill

▪       Transcript or report card from an accredited school

▪       Bank statement

▪       Mortgage document

▪       Tax document

▪       Homeowners/renter's insurance policy

▪       Vehicle registration

▪       Other items with address that can be reviewed by Driver's License personnel

For a minor child, a parent can provide the address with their license, as long as it is correct.

Other Forms & Documents:

▪ To download and print Affidavit Form of liability and guardianship for minors click here

▪ To download and print Affidavit Form of continuous residence click here

▪ To study for the test go to: Test Handbook (translated versions are coming soon)

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